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Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Job Counseling and Selection


In the Air Force, when it comes to job selections, there are two types of enlistment programs: Guaranteed Job, and Guaranteed Aptitude Areas. Only about 40 percent of recruits enlist with an actual job guaranteed in their enlistment contracts. The remainder are enlisted in one of four aptitude areas: General, Mechanical, Electronic, and Administrative. Recruits are guaranteed that they will receive a job that falls into the aptitude category they enlisted in. In other words, a recruit who enlists in the guaranteed mechanical aptitude area will receive a job that the Air Force categorizes as a "Mechanical" job.

During the second week of training, recruits who enlisted in a guaranteed aptitude program sits down with a job counselor. Recruits are shown a list of jobs (in the their aptitude area) that they qualify for, and that are available, and are instructed to prioritize that list in order of preference. In other words, the recruit will indicate the job on the list that interests him/her the most as job priority #1, the job that interests them the second-most as #2, etc.
The job counselors then take the preferences, and the preferences of all of the other recruits in the same week of training that are in the same guaranteed aptitude area, and try and work it out the best they can to give everyone the preferences they want.

That doesn't mean you'll get your first choice. There may only be one class slot for AFSC XYZ, and possible 50 recruits will all put that down as their number-one choice. Obviously, in this case, only one out of the 50 would get it.

You'll find out what job you were selected for during the seventh or eight week of training.

You will most likely have *AT LEAST* five choices available. Possibly more. It depends on the current "needs of the Air Force," and the number of open class-seats available at the time of your scheduled graduation period.

Of course, the above doesn't apply to those who enlisted with a guaranteed job. Don't worry, however. Your T.I. will find something to keep you busy while others in your flight are attending their job interviews.

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