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Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Entry Controller Duty


All Air Force Military Basic Training (AFBMT) will have plenty of opportunities to perform Entry Controller duty (EC). Up until sometime in 2006, Entry Controllers were called "Dorm Guards." However, I guess "Entry Controller" sounds much more "official."

Quite simply, a member of your flight will be guarding the entrance of your dormitory 24 hours per day (2 hour shifts). This means that during basic, you'll have plenty of opportunities to wake up in the middle of the night and spend the next two hours guarding your flight mates. (Be careful here......only certain people are allowed to enter your dormitory unescorted. These include your own T.I.s and members of your flight. It's a favorite trick of other T.I.s to try and convince the Entry Controller to let them in unescorted, thereby giving you the opportunity of adding yet another 341 to their ever-growing collection).

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