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Air Force Humor

Air Force Humor. Military Jokes and humorous stories all about the United States Air Force.

A Hard Night
Don't make her mad before going to work.

Administrative Nightmare
A true story about an Air Force memo.

Air Force Bike Test
You too, can be annoying during the yearly test.

Air Force Dictionary
The real meaning of "buzz-words."

Air Force First Sergeant Test
Take the test to become a First Sergeant.

Air Force Intelligence
The Air Force has the smartest enlisted people.

Air Force Write Ups
Air Force aircraft "781" writeups and their solutions.

Airline Pilot
No Sense of Humor?

Airman Slapping
An interesting new stress-management technique.

B-1B Bedtime Story
The story of the B-1B and bin Laden....

Bird Strikes
You gotta follow the directions...

Christmas Party
Be careful when planning that squadron Christmas Party...

Twas the Night Before Christmas..

It sure is a dog's life.

Enlisted Book of Knowledge
Heed the wise words....

Evolution of an Airman
How an Air Force Airman changes as he/she is promoted through the enlisted ranks...

Fighter Pilot Heaven
The perfect Heaven for a fighter pilot...

Fighter Pilot
A Fighter Pilot walks into a bar....

Fighters Vs. Bombers
Anything you can do......

Fighters Vs. Transports
Try this is a fighter....

Following Orders
Following Orders in the Air Force is very important...

I'd Rather Have a Ticket
Always be respectful to the cops.....

Insurance Salesman
How to sell G.I. Insurance.

Keep the Noise Down
Always listen to the tower...

Navigating to the Base
Drunk navigation doesn't work so well...

You're career is runing when....

Recruiting Pilots
Make sure you know what you're getting...

Recruiting Woes
One reason why the brass should not get involved with recruiting...

Reindeer Identification
Air Force procedures for reindeer identification.

Row Boat Race
General McPeak?

Rules of the Air
The rules for undergraduate pilot training.

Smartest Enlisted People
The Air Force definately has the smartest enlisted folks...

SP Goes to Heaven
An Air Force security policeman goes to Heaven and meets St. Peter.

Fly at WHAT Altitude?

The Lonely Fighter Pilot
A fighter pilot on a deserted island...

Thumbs Up
Why pilots give a "thumbs up" prior to taxi.

Trouble in a C-141
Problems at 30,000 are no fun.

19 Ways to amuse yourself during Air Force Urinalysis.

Wall to Wall Counseling
How to conduct "wall-to-wall" counseling in the Air Force.

I didn't know those things came with a warranty.

Why Not Minot?
Ah. Minot Air Force Base (North Dakotoa), in the winter. A wonderful assignment....

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