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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications
Sensitive Job Codes (SJC)
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In the Air Force, when you are processed by the Air Force Security Specialist at MEPS, you will be assigned a Sensitive Job Code (SJC), which determines your eligibility for some Air Force Jobs (All jobs requiring a Top Secret Clearance, and jobs requiring higher ethical standards, such as Security Forces).

Each specialty has an SJC requirement. If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions then your code will be a "B" and it can prevent you from certain jobs. If you answer "no" to all questions then your code is an "F" and you are good to go. SJC codes can be upgraded during Basic Training when you discuss them again with a job counselor, if enough time has passed since the event.

  • Have you used Marijuana in the last 6 months?
  • Recieved an approved moral or drug waiver including waiver for minor traffic violations?
  • Had a history of excessive alchohol use or in the last 2 years or been arrested for two or more alcohol related incidents regardless of disposition, except when proven not guilty?
  • Admitted to any pyschological problems or received an "S" profile evaluation other than a "1", or attempted suicide, been treated for mental, emotional, psychological or personality disorders? (does not include family/marriage counseling for divorce.
  • Had an approved Finanical Eligibility Determination?
  • Filed or declared personal bankruptcy, bills turned over to a collection agency (after age 18) had a repossesion (not voluntary) in the past 5 years, or intentionally written any bad checks?
  • Been expelled from school for misconduct more than once within the last 2 years?
  • Been released from employment due to misconduct, theft, or use of alchoholic beverages or drugs?
  • Are you a non-US citizen?
  • Do you claim dual citizenship?
  • Do you have negative feelings toward performing nuclear weapons duty? (maintaining,protecting, and transporting the weapon subsystems)
  • Is any member of your immediate family employed or connected with any foreign government in an official capacity or engaged in any conduct that could make you vulnerable to coercion or exploitation?

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