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Air Force Enlisted Jobs

Jobs Which Do Not Require U.S. Citizenship


Note: While the following Air Force AFSCs (Jobs) do not require U.S. Citizenship, one *must* be a legal immigrant (with a green card) residing in the United States in order to enlist in any branch of the United States Military.

The Air Force cannot and will not assist with immigration. One must legally immigrate first, and then apply to join the U.S. Air Force, by visiting any Air Force Recruiting Office.

Once an immigrant joins the U.S. Military, normal residency requirements are waived and they can apply to become a United States Citizenafter 3 years of active duty (Note: Under a current Presidential Executive Order, the 3 year period is waived, until further notice).

One *must* be a U.S. Citizen to become a commissioned officer, or to re-enlist in the Air Force.


1S0X1 -- Safety

Aerospace Maintenance

2A4X1-- Aircraft Guidance & Control


2S0X1-- Supply Management
2S0X2-- Supply Systems Analyst


2T0X1-- Traffic Management
2T1X1-- Vehicle Operations
2T2X1 -- Air Transportation

Vehicle Maintenance

2T3X1 -- Special Purpose Vehicle and Equipment Maint
2T3X2-- Special Vehicle Maintenance
2T3X4-- General Purpose Vehicle Mechanic
2T3X5-- Vehicle Body Maintenance
2T3X7-- Vehicle Maintenance Control & Analysis

Information Management

3A0X1-- Information Management

Civil Engineering

3E0X1-- Electrical
3E0X2 -- Electrical Power Production
3E1X1-- Heating, Ventilation, AC, & Refrigeration
3E2X1-- Pavement and Construction Equipment
3E3X1-- Structural
3E4X1-- Utilities Systems
3E4X2-- Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance
3E4X3-- CE Environmental
3E5X1-- Engineering
3E6X1-- CE Operations Management


3M0X1-- Services

Public Affairs

3N0X1-- Public Affairs
3N0X2-- Radio and Television Broadcasting
3N1X1-- Regional Band
3N2X1-- Premier Band

Mission Support

3S0X1-- Personnel
3S0X2-- Personnel Systems Management (PSM)
3S1X1-- Military Equal Opportunity
3S2X1-- Education and Training


3U0X1-- Manpower and Quality Management


4A0X1-- Health Services Management
4A1X1-- Medical Materiel
4A2X1-- Biomedical Equipment
4B0X1-- Bioenvironmental Engineering
4C0X1-- Mental Health Service
4D0X1-- Diet Therapy
4E0X1-- Public Health
4F0X1-- Aeromedical
4H0X1-- Cardiopulmonary Laboratory
4J0X1-- Occupational Therapy
4J0X2-- Physical Therapy
4M0X1-- Aerospace Physiology
4N0X1-- Medical Service
4N0X1-- Medical Service
4N1X1-- Surgical Service
4P0X1-- Pharmacy
4R0X1-- Diagnostic Imaging
4R0X1-- Diagnostic Imaging
4T0X1-- Medical Laboratory
4T0X2-- Histopathology
4T0X3-- Cytotechnology
4V0X1-- Optometry


4Y0X1-- Dental Assistant
4Y0X2-- Dental Laboratory


5J0X1-- Paralegal

Chaplain Service Support

5R0X1-- Chaplain Service Support


6C0X1-- Contracting


6F0X1 -- Financial Management & Comptroller

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