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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



The Airman Services Career Field includes managing, supervising, and administering or operating appropriated and nonappropriated fund food facilities; transient and temporary lodging facilities; fitness and recreation programs and facilities; mortuary affairs administration; operational support; training and supervising search and recovery teams; training, scheduling, and overseeing installation honor guard team; training and advising unit fitness managers in fitness evaluation procedures and conducting fitness improvement training programs; selecting, procuring, and controlling equipment and supplies; providing lodging, feeding, and recreation services in fixed and bare base facilities; providing liaison support to the Defense Commissary Agency and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service; performing quality assurance functions when areas of responsibility are performed by contract; operating and administering information management systems used to support functional responsibilities; and providing direction for other essential community services by planning and conducting surveys to determine interests and attitudes of the military population and their dependents.

Also included are commissary resale; operation of troop support and subsistence activities; and automated systems operation to support authorized personnel.

Personnel must have knowledge of and proficiency in the use of specialized equipment and procedures required to provide subsistence and exchange support to deployed forces. Support may be provided in either fixed or tactical facilities.

The Airman Services Career Field is a contingency-related field. Personnel serving in this career field may participate in recovery operations as a result of natural and manmade disasters. Also, they may be subject to deployment and employment in hostile environments created by terrorism, sabotage, or chemical, biological, or conventional warfare.

Personnel should have knowledge of and proficiency using specialized equipment and procedures required to provide food, shelter, laundry, first aid, field sanitation and hygiene, mortuary service, recreation, and physical fitness to deployed forces.

The following is a complete listing of AFSCs for the Services Career Field.

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