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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



The Public Affairs Career Field encompasses the total spectrum of the Air Forces human communication activities and functions involved in administering and operating Air Force bands, including the USAF Academy and USAF Bands.

The functions are designed to facilitate communication flow between the Air Force and the general public, as well as active duty Air Force members, Reserve components, civilian employees, and dependents.

Public Affairs personnel are involved in writing, editing and publishing; arranging and conducting special events; military community relations; orientation programs; news media relations; and research, interviewing, reporting, administrative, and management tasks. All print and electronic communication media are used along with interpersonal communication techniques.

The Public Affairs Career Field serves the United States Air Force by providing professional, trained communication practitioners to leaders and managers for planning, executing, and reporting internal and public interest policy, plans, and programs.

The following is a complete listing of AFSCs for the Public Affairs Career Field.

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