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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



The Munitions and Weapons Career Field includes assembling, maintaining, storing, delivering, inventory managing, and loading nonnuclear munitions and solid propellants; and handling and aircraft loading nuclear munitions and guided aircraft missiles and rockets.

It includes installing, maintaining, and repairing aircraft munitions release and monitor systems, bomb racks, shackles, aircraft machine guns, and cannons; and assembling mechanical components of guided aircraft missiles and rockets. It also includes inspecting, assembling, maintaining, inventory managing, and modernizing mechanical, electrical, electronic, and high explosive components of nuclear weapons and warheads, air launched missiles, reentry vehicles, associated test equipment, and radiological survey instruments. Included in this field are functions of testing mechanical, electrical, and electronic components for acceptance; installing, operational checking, and repairing weapons, warheads, air launched missiles, missile turbojet engines, and reentry vehicle components; surveying and plotting radiation hazards; using and maintaining specialized radiac instruments; munitions disposal activities; and technical escort functions associated with chemical munitions.

Excluded from this field are installing, inspecting, handling, storing, delivering, and issuing liquid propellant fuels.

The following is a complete listing of AFSCs for the Munitions and Weapons Career Field.

    Munitions Systems

    Aircraft Armament Systems

    Nuclear Weapons

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