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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



The Mission Support Career Field includes functions and activities of personnel, personnel system management (PSM), military equal opportunity, and education and training.

Personnel functions encompass classifying, assigning, promoting, base reenlisting and separating military personnel; MilPDS management; controlling, administering, and interpreting personnel tests used to measure general learning ability, specific aptitudes, job proficiency, interests, and other pertinent human variables; processing officer performance reports and enlisted performance reports; monitoring quality control programs; advising military personnel and their family members on benefit programs; preparing and maintaining qualification records and other personnel records and reports; developing and maintaining manual and mechanized personnel records and reports; occupational surveys; and collecting elementary psychological data for human resources research.

Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) functions include counseling, educational, and administrative functions to support social actions program.

Education and training activities include training systems development and management, and education services. Training systems involves developing and managing training programs; supervising training activities; providing advice and guidance on enlisted specialty training (EST), and EST advisory services and duties associated with other training functions. Education services involves administering off-duty education programs; advisement on education programs; and maintaining educational services facilities including office libraries containing educational materials and bulletin boards.

The following is a complete listing of AFSCs for the Mission Support Career Field.


Military Equal Opportunity

Education & Training


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