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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions

9S100, Technical Applications Specialist


Use this identifier to report the awarded (primary/2/3/4), control, and duty AFSCs of enlisted airmen that apply leading edge physical sciences to perform data collection, analysis, observation, study, experimentation, acquisition, maintenance, research and development, fielding of prototype and operational electronic sensors and systems on specialized geophysical, nuclear radiation, chemical, biological, electro-optic, radio frequency, infrared discrimination, radar, and rapidly deployable and fixed airborne materials sampling platforms; and process and analyze scientific data; derive, develop, and report first-hand signature information to national command authorities and war fighters. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 119100.

Specialty requires routine access to Top Secret material or similar environment. For award and retention of RI 9S100, completion of a current Single Scope Background Investigation, (SSBI) according to AFI 31-501, Personnel Security Program Management.

NOTE: Award of this RI without a final SSBI is authorized provided an interim SSBI has been granted according to AFI 31-501.

Deployment Rate for this AFSC

Strength Req: K

Physical Profile: 222221

Citizenship: Yes

Required Appitude Score : M-83 and E-81, Changed to M-88 and E-85, effective 1 October 2004). Minimum Score of 57 on the Electronic Data Processing Test (EDPT)

Technical Training:

Course #: L3AQR9S100 481

Length (Days): 48

Location: G

Course #: X3AQR9S100 001

Length (Days): 57

Location: G

Course #: X3ABR9S100 005

Length (Days): 45

Location: G

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