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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Specialty Summary: Manages, performs, and administers contracting functions for commodities, services, and con struction using simplified acquisition procedures, negotiation and other approved methods. Uses automated contracting sys tems to prepare, process, and analyze transactions and products. Acts as business advisor, buyer, negotiator, administrator, and contracting officer. Supports all functions of contingency operations. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 551.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Advises government and contractor personnel on contracting related issues. Obtains data on marketing trends, supply sources, and trade information. Prepares memoranda, determinations and findings, justifications and approvals. Documents contracting files. Prepares documents, processes transactions, and maintains files applicable to automated contracting systems and other electronic methods. Analyzes statistical data pertinent to contracting functions. Ensures contractors comply with bonding, insurance, and tax requirements, as applicable. Supports studies pursuant to competitive sourcing.

Performs market research. Reviews requirements to include descriptions, government furnished property, availability of funds, justifications for sole source, brand name purchasing, and delivery requirements. Reviews proposed documents to en- sure contractual correctness and compliance with regulations, directives, laws, statutes, and contracting policies. Reviews government estimates. Determines appropriate contracting methods and contract types. Maximizes use of commercial items and practices. Interprets and explains government procedures and regulations.

Determines applicability of contract clauses and special provisions. Prepares solicitations, solicits proposals for com modities, services, and construction requirements. Ensures solicitations are publicly advertised as appropriate. Reviews and evaluates cost and pricing data/information. Analyzes and reviews award actions. Obtains and evaluates past performance information. Determines contractor responsibility. Evaluates responsiveness of bids and offers. Prepares and conducts nego tiations. Prepares bid abstracts. Amends and cancels solicitations. Rejects bids. Reviews and evaluates bids or offers. Rec ommends contract award. Mediates protests.

Conducts site visits to determine adequacy of contractor compliance and customer satisfaction. Interviews contractor employees to determine labor law compliance. Trains and monitors quality assurance personnel. Assesses contractor compli ance and determines appropriate actions. Resolves claims, disputes and appeals. Terminates contracts and administers termi nation settlements.

Provides contingency contracting support at stateside or deployed locations in support of joint U. S. and allied forces. Develops and manages contingency contracting program plans 2.6. Evaluates methods and procedures used in purchasing commodities, services, and construction. Ensures contractors ad herence to delivery schedules and price. Prepares and presents evaluation in the form of correspondence and briefings. Par ticipates in the unit self-inspection program.

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: pricing techniques, market trends, supply sources, US or foreign commercial practices and marketing factors contributing to prices of items, equipment, materials or services. Knowledge is mandatory of basic computer applications, audit procedures, policies, laws, and directives governing purchasing and contingency contract ing policies and procedures.

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