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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Specialty Summary: Participates in, and manages planning, providing, and evaluating surgical patient care activities and related training programs. Organizes the medical environment, performs and directs support activities in patient care situations, including contingency operations and disasters. Assists professional staff in providing patient care for the surgical patient before, during, and after surgery. Performs scrub and circulating duties in the operating room (OR). Assists with post-anesthesia recovery of patients. Processes, stores, and distributes sterile supplies. Participates in planning, implementing, and evaluating management activities related to the OR and Central Sterile Supply Services (CSSS). Performs duties in and supervises the urology, orthopedic, and otorhinolaryngology surgical specialties. Related DoD Occupations Subgroup: 301.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Directs, performs, and coordinates administrative functions. In coordination with executive management team, establishes administrative policies for surgical functions and provides input into strategic resource planning. Manages the preparation of correspondence, records, and their maintenance. Determines methods and sources of obtaining data for routine or special reports. Directs, coordinates, and validates budget requirements. Serves as a consultant to MAJCOM Medical Service Manager. Participates or assists in developing and implementing command programs. Conducts staff assistance and consultant visits. Assists the executive management team with developing, interpreting, and evaluating instructions, regulations, policies, and procedures. Oversees development, implementation and evaluation of medical readiness plans and programs. Oversees and participates in implementation of continual quality improvement plans and programs.

Provides, supervises and manages surgical patient care activities. Performs surgical tasks. Acts as team leader and member. Transports patients, and related records to and from the OR and recovery room. Assists nursing staff with preoperative patient preparation activities. Helps with routing medical materiel management activities. Accomplishes routine safety checks and operator preventive maintenance on fixed and moveable medical equipment and fixtures. Performs routine and specialized housekeeping activities. Prepares OR for surgery by setting up and opening sterile supplies and instruments. Assists anesthesia personnel with patient positioning and anesthesia administration. Applies principles of asepsis, infection control, and medical ethics. Assists with terminal cleanup of OR and prepares for follow-up procedures. Receives, decontaminates, and cleans soiled patient care items. Assembles, wraps, and sterilizes instrument sets, supplies, and linen packs. Stores, maintains, and distributes sterile patient care items. Assists the circulating nurse with preparing records, reports, and requests. Prepares specimens for transport to the laboratory. Performs scrub duties in OR. Scrubs hands and arms and dons sterile gown and gloves. Prepares and maintains sterile instruments, supplies, and equipment of draped tables and stands. Counts sponges, needles, instruments, and related items with circulating nurse before, during, and after surgical procedures. Assists the operative team with applying sterile drapes to the surgical field. Passes instruments, sutures, and other supplies to the sterile operative team. Anticipates surgeons needs, and provides additional assistance as directed. Cares for surgical specimens on the sterile field. Cleans and prepares instruments and reusable supplies for terminal sterilization and decontamination. Participates in contingency or disaster field training, exercises, and deployments.

Performs recovery room or basic nursing duties. Assists surgeon and nursing staff with monitoring and recording vital signs. Administers oxygen, helps arouse patient, and carries out surgeons post-operative orders. Assists with identifying and managing of postoperative complications.

Performs general clinic functions. Schedules and prepares patients and sets up instruments, supplies, and equipment for specialized procedures in the OR and specialty clinics. Assists specialty surgeon during surgical and diagnostic procedures. Assembles, operates, and maintains diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Orders diagnostic laboratory and radiographic procedures as directed. Performs administrative activities unique to specific surgical clinics.

Provides medical training to agencies and personnel other than medical. Truing includes areas such as aseptic technique and self-aid buddy care. Schedules inservice training in new procedures, techniques, and equipment. Provides required basic life support training. Conducts or schedules periodic disaster training, fire drills, and evacuation procedures.

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