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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Specialty Summary: Plans, provides, and evaluates routine patient care and treatment of beneficiaries to include flying and special operational duty personnel. Organizes the medical environment, performs and directs support activities in-patient care situations, including contingency operations and disasters. Performs duty as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) independent duty medical technician (IDMT), aeromedical evacuation technician (AET), or hyperbaric medical technician (HBMT), allergy and immunization technician (AIT), or neurology technician (NT) functions. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 300.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Provides, supervises, and manages patient care of beneficiaries to include flying and special operational duty personnel. As part of the nursing team, utilizes the nursing process to provide care for the beneficiaries. Acts as Primary Care Management (PCM) team leader and/or member. Monitors and records physiological measurements. Orients new patients to the hospital environment. Admits, discharges, and transfers patients as directed. Observes, reports, and records observations in patient progress notes and team conference. Performs portions of medical treatment, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures. Cares for, observes, and reports on postoperative patients and seriously or critically ill and injured patients. Records treatments and procedures rendered, and observes effects. Performs care of deceased patients. Identifies patient problems and assists in developing and evaluating patient care plan. Prepares and administers medications under nurse or physician supervision. Adheres to infection control procedures including use of personal protective equipment, disposal of waste, and aseptic technique. Performs central sterile supply duties. Assembles, operates, and maintains therapeutic equipment. Provides field medical care in contingency operations and disasters. Performs basic life support and triage in emergency situations. Serves as member of primary emergency medical response to in-flight emergencies and potential mass casualty scenarios from on- and off-base incidents. Operates emergency medical and other vehicles. Loads and unloads litter patients. Frontline preventionist who identifies potential health risks and provides preventive counseling. Performs paraprofessional portions of preventative health assessments and physical examinations. Performs medical records reviews in order to determine medical qualification. Identifies medical conditions that may disqualify a member for worldwide duty and assists provider with initiation of physical profile, when required. Assists with oversight of grounding and waiver management follow-up systems. Participates in contingency or disaster field training, exercises, and deployments. Assists flight surgeon with aircraft mishap and physiological incident response, investigation, and reporting. Augments search and rescue flying squadrons. Maintains in patient and out patient medical records. Prepares and submits administrative reports. Manages supplies and equipment, submits and executes budgets, schedules personnel for duty. Supervises personnel and conducts training.

Schedules in-service training in new procedures, techniques, and equipment. Provides required basic life support training. Conducts or schedules periodic disaster training, fire drills, and evacuation procedures. Provides medical training to include agencies and personnel other than medical. Training includes areas such as emergency medical technician and selfaid buddy care.

Performs duty as an IDMT at deployed operating locations and at fixed sites. Deploys as Squadron Medical Element (SME) member with operational squadrons. Provides forward area medical care in an austere or bare-base environment. Renders medical and dental treatment and emergency care; recommends and coordinates evacuation to a location where definitive medical treatment facilities are available. Performs pharmacy, laboratory, bioenvironmental, public health, medical logistics, and medical administration duties.

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