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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Specialty Summary: Installs, inspects, repairs, and modifies biomedical equipment and support systems. Performs pre-purchase evaluations of medical devices and advises on operational theory, underlying physiological principles, and safe clinical applications of biomedical equipment. Implements organizational maintenance support for all medical devices used within the medical treatment facility (MTF), medical research laboratories, air transportable hospitals and clinics, and contingency hospitals. Provides technical guidance and intermediate maintenance support on medical equipment systems when assigned to a regional Medical Equipment Repair Center (MERC). Directs the facility management program when assigned. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 326.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Assembles, installs, and inspects new biomedical equipment. Assembles equipment and conducts pre-operational tests to verify compliance with medical and technical standards, specifications, contracts, and regulatory guidance. Installs or coordinates the installation of medical equipment that requires interface with other devices or with the facility. Resolves installation and associated maintenance support problems. Performs formal acceptance testing of complex medical equipment and installations such as diagnostic radiology systems and physiological monitoring systems. Performs pre-procurement surveys, and provides technical advice regarding the purchase of new biomedical equipment systems and the required facility interface requirements.

Inspects, services, and modifies biomedical equipment and support systems. Inspects biomedical equipment systems to determine operational status and compliance with technical standards and specifications. Performs or supervises preventive maintenance tasks such as lubrication; mechanical adjustment; and replacement of filters, tubing, and other parts subject to deterioration. Evaluates user maintenance procedures and ensures safe medical equipment practices are exercised. Instructs and advises personnel in the care and safe, effective use of medical equipment. Calibrates medical equipment according to manufacturers' technical literature, pertinent federal regulations, national standards, state and local laws, and Air Force guidance. Applies electrical, electronic, optical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and physiological principles to diagnose and locate system malfunctions. Uses test equipment, technical data, engineering drawings, schematics, and reference materials for troubleshooting and repair of medical equipment. Performs authorized modifications to biomedical equipment.

Performs safety inspections. Inspects and tests medical and patient-related non-medical equipment for compliance with current safety standards. Inspects and tests supporting utility systems and specialized environment control systems of the medical facility for compliance with electrical and patient safety codes and standards. Identifies deficient equipment, initiates corrective action, and informs personnel of possible safety hazards.

Performs maintenance management and administrative functions. Develops and directs methods and procedures to be used in the maintenance activity. Determines the type, extent, and feasibility of repairs; and implements repair or condemnation procedures. Performs tasks relating to collecting and recording historical maintenance data. Quality controls reports to ensure accuracy of bench stock balance records and historical maintenance records (HMRs). Revises preventive maintenance and calibration cycles based on Air Force regulations, manufacturers' literature, and local conditions. Administers the medical equipment warranty and guarantee program. Develops statements of work (SOWs) and manages the medical equipment contract maintenance program. Ensures availability and control of spare parts, test equipment, and tools.

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