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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated: (Note: See Explanation of Air Force Specialty Codes).

3P051. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3P031. Also, experience in SF functions such as weaponry; controlling entry into and providing internal control within installations and restricted areas; response force tactics; air base defense concepts and procedures; terrorist threat response techniques; alarm monitor duties; control center duties; traffic control; patrolling; or accident investigation.

3P051A. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3P031A. Also, experience in functions such as SF weaponry, maintaining dog handling equipment, caring for and training military working dogs, and reacting to dog alerts.

3P051B. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3P031B. Also, experience in functions such as classroom instruction, marksmanship fundamentals and techniques, weapons and range safety, subdepot level firearm maintenance and repair, range operations and safety criteria, or controlling and storing weapons and ammunition.

3P071. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3P051/A/B. Also, experience supervising or performing functions such as weapon systems and resource security, air base defense, law enforcement, military working dog functions, or combat arms functions.

3P091. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3P071. Also, experience in leading and directing SF activities.

Other. The following are mandatory as indicated:

For entry into this specialty, normal color vision as defined in AFI 48-123, Medical Examination and Standards.

2. For entry into 3P0X1A/B, qualification in and possession of 3P031/51.

For entry, award, and retention of these AFSCs:

    No recorded evidence of personality disorder.

    Visual acuity correctable to 20/20 in one eye and 20/30 in the other.

    Qualification to bear firearms according to AFI 31-207, Arming and Use of Force by Air Force Personnel.

    Never been convicted by a general, special, or summary courts-martial.

    Never received nonjudicial punishmentunder the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) which resulted in either reduction or suspended reduction in grade, or correctional custody for offenses involving substantiated drug abuse as defined in AFI 36-2701, Social Actions Program, acts of larceny, wrongful appropriation, robbery, burglary, housebreaking, or misconduct in combat defined in UCMJ articles 99-106.

    Never been convicted by a civilian court of a Category 1, 2, or 3offense, nor exceeded the accepted number of Category 4 offenses.Category 3 and 4 traffic offenses alone are not disqualifying. NOTE: Categories of offenses are described and listed in AFI 36-2002, Regular Air Force and Special Category Accession, Uniform Guide List of Typical Offenses.

    Ability to speak distinctly.

Individuals who have had their spleen removed are not eligible for assignment to the military working dog program or any dog functions.

For award and retention of AFSCs 3P031/31A/31B, 3P051/51A/51B, 3P071/91, and 3P000, eligibility for a Secret security clearance, according to AFI 31-501, Personnel Security Program Management.

Note: This job requires a Sensitive Job Code(SJC) of "F."

Specialty Shredouts

Suffix Portion of AFS to Which Related

    A Military Working Dog Handler
    B Combat Arms (Firing Range Instructor)

Note: New enlistees are not eligible for the A (Dog Handler) or B (Firing Range Instructor) suffixes. In order to be eligible for either of these sub-specialties, one must be in the rank of Senior Airman (E-4), or above, and agree to re-enlist.

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