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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Specialty Summary: Installs, inspects, maintains, troubleshoots, repairs, and modifies electrical distribution systems and components above and below 600 volts; airfield lighting systems; fire alarms and intrusion detection systems, and complies with environmental and safety regulations and practices. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 721.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Installs, maintains, and repairs energized and de-energized electrical distribution systems and components. Installs, maintains, and repairs interior, exterior, overhead, underground electrical power distribution systems and components such as capacitor banks, vacuum and air break switches, breakers, transformers, fuses, lighting fixtures, receptacles, and motors. Climbs utility poles and operates special purpose vehicles and equipment, including line maintenance and high reach trucks to inspect, maintain, and repair overhead distribution systems. Inspects powerline poles for pest damage, deterioration, and loose hardware. Inspects, tests, and services overhead line conductors and direct buried cables, and those in underground ducts and conduits. Troubleshoots malfunctions using technical orders, manufacturers' handbooks, local procedures, codes, and directives. Tests air samples in manholes for dangerous concentrations of combustible or toxic gases and oxygen deficiency.

Maintains, inspects, and repairs special purpose electrical systems. Inspects, maintains, and repairs fixed and portable airfield lighting systems including runway, threshold, approach, taxiway, visual glide slope, obstruction, and distance marker lights. Installs, maintains, and repairs cathodic protection and grounding systems, and voltage and current regulators. Installs, maintains, and repairs fire alarms and intrusion detection alarms, and traffic system controls. Installs, maintains, and repairs electrical appliances.

Maintains proficiency in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid, pole top, aerial lift, and manhole rescue. Complies with safety and environmental regulations and practices.

Advises on problems installing and repairing electrical power distribution and special purpose electrical systems. Solves maintenance problems by studying layout drawings, wiring and schematic diagrams, and analyzing construction and operating characteristics. Uses meters, testing devices, indicators, and recorders to locate equipment, distribution, and motor controller malfunctions and faults. Diagnoses malfunctions, and recommends repair procedures necessary to correct defective equipment. Develops and establishes maintenance and operating procedures to ensure maximum efficiency.

Performs planning activities. Performs facility surveys. Surveys proposed work to determine resource requirements. Prepares cost estimates for in-service work. Applies engineered performance standards to plan and estimate jobs. Coordinates plans and other activities.

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: principles of electricity and electronics, including computation and measurement of common properties (resistance, inductance, capacitance, voltage, and current), transformers and regulator operations and connection; grounding and lightning protection systems; working on high and low voltage energized lines; applications of safety requirements related to installation and maintenance of electrical distribution systems; principles of fire and intrusion alarms; cathodic protection systems; airfield lighting systems; reading electrical schematics and one-line diagrams; rescue and resuscitation of electrical shock victims; and environmental regulations.

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