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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Note: This AFSC is disestablished effective on November 1, 2009. All of the AFSCs (jobs) included in this career field have been converted to the 3D - Cyberspace Support career field.

Specialty Summary: Manages, supervises, and performs communications-computer systems (C-CS) planning and implementation activities. Focal point for base C-CS planning. Manages implementation of C-CS projects and ensures C-CS architecture, configuration, and integration conformity. Manages C-CS and services contracts. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 558.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Develops, plans, and integrates base C-CS. Performs mission review with C-CS customers for architectural integration and impact on C-CS infrastructure. Develops and maintains base C-CS assessment blueprint. Evaluates war, support, and contingency plans to determine impact on C-CS resources. Ensures identification of C-CS shortfalls and inter-operability of C-CS. Ensures tasked C-CS and personnel are deployment and mobility ready. Manages maintenance of unit agreements file and identifies impact of agreements on unit resources. Maintains C-CS planning and implementation source documents consisting of architectures; war, support, and contingency plans; agreements; and contracts. Helps customer develop C-CS requirements. Serves as C-CS advisor at meetings for facility design, military construction programs and minor construction planning. Evaluates base comprehensive plan and projects to determine C-CS impacts and shortfalls. Prepares C-CS assessments. Ensures technical solutions integrate with existing or proposed systems.

Implements C-CS projects. Maintains documents on implementing of C-CS. Verifies availability of project funding. Determines implementing and support activities. Coordinates and forwards acquisition documents for C-CS. Prepares for C-CS site surveys. Determines adequacy and correctness of C-CS project packages and amendments. Processes tasking documents. Monitors project status, and reports to higher headquarters, support, and implementing agencies. Assists C-CS implementation teams. Monitors project completion actions. Ensures availability of logistic support. Monitors project exceptions. Monitors status of base civil engineer work requests. Manages maintenance of C-CS installation records, files, and indexes.

Manages C-CS contracts. Administratively manages C-CS contracts. Manages development of statements of work and performance work statements. Informs management of C-CS contract status, and initiates contract renewal actions.

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: Air Force C-CS technologies, planning documents, and application of these documents to the C-CS system infrastructure; deployment and mobility requirements; management of program or project logistics support actions; and management of program or project implementation actions.

Education. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school or general educational development equivalency is mandatory. Completion of high school courses in business mathematics and statistics is desirable.

Training. The following training is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

3C331. Completion of the basic C-CS planning and implementation course.

3C371. Completion of the advanced C-CS planning and implementation course.

Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated: (Note: See Explanation of Air Force Specialty Codes).

3C351. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3C331. Also, experience performing C-CS planning and implementation functions.

3C371. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3C351. Also, experience supervising or developing C-CS planning and implementation activities.

3C391. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3C371. Also, experience managing C-CS planning and implementation functions and activities.

Other. For award and retention of AFSCs 3C331/51/71/91, eligibility for a Secret security clearance, according to AFI 31-501, Personnel Security Program Management, is mandatory.

Deployment Rate for this AFSC

Strength Req: G

Physical Profile333233

Citizenship: Yes

Required Appitude Score : G-58 (Changed to G-62, effective 1 Jul 04).

Technical Training:

Course #: E3ABR3C331 004

Length (Days): 26

Location: K

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