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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Note: This AFSC is disestablished effective on November 1, 2009. All of the AFSCs (jobs) included in this career field have been converted to the 3D - Cyberspace Support career field.

Specialty Summary: Operates, deploys, and sustains radio transmitters, receivers, and ancillary equipment for line-of-sight, air-to-ground, and satellite communications (SATCOM). Provides multiple spectrum (HF, VHF, UHF, SHF, EHF) communications in fixed, tactical, environments. Configures antenna and radio equipment for efficient operations. Establishes and maintains communications links with distant stations. Operates terminal control consoles and monitors system performance indicators. Implements operational directives. Manages communications facilities and activities. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 120100.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Operates and supervises operations of radio and SATCOM systems, computer terminals, secure voice encryption equipment; secure and nonsecure teletype equipment; data link equipment; radio relay equipment; multiplexing equipment; recording equipment; and communications baseband equipment. Tunes transmitters, receivers, or transceivers to required signals on prescribed operating frequencies. Erects and orientates antenna systems, and configures communications equipment to provide voice, digital, or analog operations. Analyzes radio wave propagation data to determine effects and interprets data for frequency selection. Uses antijamming equipment and electronic countermeasures to neutralize effects of communications jamming. Analyzes and monitors equipment operation. Performs preventive and scheduled equipment checks. Conducts equipment troubleshooting, and performs minor maintenance such as replacing circuitry cards and line replaceable units.

Receives, processes, and relays operational and administrative communications traffic from air and ground stations supporting deployed forces, aircraft safety, command and control, and weather intercept operations. Encodes and decodes classified messages. Complies with local instructions and international agreements (ITU, JANAPS, ACPs) upon receiving emergency or distress signals. Logs and files all message traffic and station operations. Compiles and maintains operation records and statistics. Reports equipment stats and operating efficiency.

Manages radio communications systems operations. Reviews and evaluates radio operations activities and takes corrective actions to eliminate discrepancies and improve operational efficiency. Documents discrepancy reports (DR) and manages corrective actions. Conducts periodic inspections of equipment and facilities to ensure compliance with directives and fulfillment of mission requirements. Determines station-training requirements. Supervises communications activities.

Performs radio operations functions. Maintains authentication systems, codes, communications directives and publications, and radio frequency propagation data. Controls and accounts for Communications Security (COMSEC) materials, classified and controlled documents, and equipment. Reports security incidents, formulates and applies corrective security procedures. Maintains equipment accounts and inventories.

Performs Combat Crew Communications functions. Researches, builds, and briefs wing agencies on Single Integrated Operations Plans missions. Maintains authentication systems, aircraft identify- friend-or-foe codes, and peacetime and wartime encryption and decryption documents, and assembles these into mission-specific kits for issue to aircrews. Receives, tracks, and destroys COMSEC material as directed by the Base COMSEC account. Manages the Flight Information Publication (FLIP) account and builds FLIP kits based on each mission's route of flight. Downloads and issues Operational Orders (OPORDs) and issues to crews. Serves as the base call sign manager and issues mission specific call-sign lists when needed. Trains and certifies aircrews on COMSEC and communications procedures. Deploys with aircrews to provide all Crew Comm services at deployed locations worldwide.

Performs SATCOM management. Assists combatant commanders and assigned forces by analyzing and translating SATCOM requirements. Develops solutions and issues SATCOM access authorizations. Assists in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) identification and resolution.

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of functions and operation of fixed and tactical radio and satellite transmitters, receivers, transceivers, remote control units, control consoles, phone patch, and terminal equipment; basic theory and type of fixed, tactical, and satellite antennas; operation of voice and data encryption and decryption equipment; worldwide communications systems; radio operations procedures; emergency and distress procedures; communications and operations security policies, directives, programming, procedures, and equipment; and recognizing and reporting signal interference.

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