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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Note: This AFSC converts to 3D1X3, RF Transmission Systems, on November 1, 2009.

Specialty Summary: Installs, maintains, overhauls, repairs, and modifies fixed, mobile, and transportable transmitters, receivers, transceivers, and related equipment. Included are amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, single sideband, and independent sideband radio systems and equipment for point-to-point and ground-to-air communications; facsimile receivers; low frequency, high frequency, very high frequency, and ultra high frequency radio systems; radio frequency amplifiers; recorders; keying and signal devices; generation and display equipment; and base radio systems. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 101.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Supervises ground radio maintenance activities. Oversees work in progress and reviews completed repairs for sound maintenance practices. Establishes requirements for maintenance equipment, support equipment, tools, and spare parts. Requisitions, accounts for, and turns in supplies and material. Interprets inspection findings and determines adequacy of corrective action. Reviews and ensures compliance with maintenance management publications and procedures. Administers land mobile radio (LMR) program and ensures compliance with provisions of LMR contracts. Identifies maintenance problem areas and recommends corrective action. Recommends methods to improve equipment performance and maintenance procedures. Evaluates justification and practicability of proposed modifications. Develops and enforces safety standards for ground radio maintenance activities.

Inspects ground radio communications activities. Determines equipment operational status. Serves on teams to evaluate ground radio activities. Interprets inspection findings submitted by other inspecting activities, and initiates corrective action. Determines adequacy of corrective action. Checks installed and repaired components for compliance with technical publications.

Resolves installation, repair, overhaul, and modification problems associated with ground radio communications equipment. Uses layout drawings, schematics, and pictorial diagrams to solve maintenance problems. Analyzes construction and operating characteristics of equipment to determine source of malfunction. Performs intricate alignment and calibration procedures to ensure maximum operating efficiency. Determines repair procedures necessary to correct defective equipment.

Installs ground radio communications equipment. Consults layout drawings to ensure equipment is properly positioned. Checks equipment for serviceability prior to installation. Assembles, connects, secures, and interconnects components such as transmitters, power supplies, and antenna assemblies. Tests installed equipment for proper assembly of components and compliance with technical orders. Places in operation and tunes, adjusts, and aligns components to obtain maximum operating efficiency.

Deploys and activates mobile and transportable ground radio communications equipment. Refers to plans and equipment specifications to conduct site and equipment surveys, and establishes equipment systems interface. Unpacks, inspects, and positions communications equipment; erects antennas; and interconnects communications facilities.

Performs preventive maintenance on ground radio communications systems and related equipment. Inspects equipment at specified intervals to determine operational status. Replaces defective components. Performs operational checks.

Repairs, overhauls, and modifies ground radio communications and related equipment. Isolates malfunctions using system checking procedures, required test equipment, analyzing voltage and waveform measurements, schematic diagrams, and equipment operating characteristics. Repairs equipment, including transmitters, receivers and transceivers, and radio teletype and facsimile devices. Tunes and adjusts ground radio components. Adjusts, aligns, and calibrates equipment for maximum operating efficiency. Fabricates and connects various types of antenna systems and transmission lines. Tests repaired components using bench mockups and related test equipment. Performs corrosion control.

Maintains inspection and maintenance records. Posts entries on maintenance and inspection records. Records meter readings and other pertinent data in equipment logs. Completes maintenance data collection forms.

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: electricity and radio theory, including transistors, solid-state components, and digital techniques applying to ground radio communications and related equipment maintenance; and interpretation of management information data, technical orders, blueprints, wiring diagrams, and schematic drawings.

Education. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in physics and mathematics is desirable.

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