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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Note: This AFSC is disestablished effective on November 1, 2009. All of the AFSCs (jobs) included in this career field have been converted to the 3D - Cyberspace Support career field.

Specialty Summary: Deploys, operates and sustains ground and space based satellite, Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) wideband communications, telemetry, and instrumentation systems. Manages and performs design support, installation, calibration, testing, operation, maintenance, and repair of facilities, systems, equipment, and related subsystems. Monitors, analyzes, and directs performance checks and measurements to ensure acceptable performance. Configures equipment. Establishes and maintains communications links with distant terminals. Operates earth terminal control console and monitors system performance indicators. Implements operational directives. Manages wideband and satellite earth terminal facilities or activities. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup 110000.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Manages satellite systems maintenance activities. Installs and checks operation of wideband and satellite earth terminal communications systems. Manages, installs and checks the operation of instrumentation and telemetry activities. Establishes performance and production standards and work methods. Determines extent and economy of repair for malfunctioning equipment. Recommends methods to improve equipment performance and maintenance procedures. Prepares reports related to operating, installing, repairing, maintaining, and evaluating equipment. Analyzes data printouts and recordings to determine marginal or faulty equipment operation. Evaluates justification and practicability, and recommends corrections to improve equipment performance or maintenance procedures. Assists agencies to conduct research and development projects associated with aerospace systems equipment. Assembles, programs, adjusts, and secures system components. Employs orbiting communication satellite, line-of-sight, and tropospheric scatter techniques. Conducts tests to restore and maintain systems. Uses anti-jam equipment and techniques to neutralize effects of communication jamming. Provides technical and design support assistance, solves problems for test site and operation, and maintenance functions. Develops and enforces safety rules.

Conducts periodic inspections of equipment and facilities to ensure compliance with technical data specifications and timely fulfillment of mission requirements. Interprets survey findings and prescribes corrective action. Serves on or directs inspection teams in evaluating equipment maintenance activities. Interprets deployment orders. Establishes communications links and interconnects communication facilities. Assembles, installs, and operates instrumentation and telemetry systems. Inspects completed assemblies during all phases of static and dynamic testing. Operates instrumentation and telemetry systems comprised of components such as transmitters, recorders, computers, and data conditioning and conversion equipment.

Operates and performs preventive and scheduled maintenance on equipment, to include repairs, overhauls, and modifications. Operates, inspects, adjusts, tunes, and aligns equipment for maximum operating efficiency. Controls preventive maintenance scheduling by coordinating with related control agencies. Evaluates and recommends changes to preventive maintenance routines to provide optimum operational availability and equipment condition. Refers to circuit and cable diagrams to trace circuits. Evaluates equipment performance using test equipment. Disassembles and repairs radar, television, airborne and ground analog and digital telemetry, laser, and timing device components, and other special equipment used for research and development projects. Analyzes equipment limitations, and modifies equipment to increase operational efficiency for specific missions. Reassembles components and calibrates, aligns, and adjusts completed assemblies. Accomplishes tolerance and specification tests. Records and repairs recurring malfunctions.
Performs and manages repairs on wideband and earth terminal equipment. Removes, repairs, reassembles, reconnects, and performs operational checks. Restore systems to serviceable condition. Isolates, repairs, or replaces electronic and electromechanical equipment.

Manages, inspects, repairs and monitors equipment to determine performance, analyzes data and isolates malfunctions, detects deficiencies, replaces or repairs defective units, and performs corrective alignments. Performs and directs on-the-spot malfunction corrections. Tests repaired units. Removes, repairs, reassembles, reconnects, and performs operational checks. Restore systems to serviceable condition.

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