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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions



Note: This job requires a Sensitive Job Code- (SJC) of "F."

*Specialty Shredouts:

Suffix Portion of AFSC to Which Related

AFSC 1N3X0 - Cryptologic Linguist (Language Not Yet Assigned)

AFSC 1N3X1 - Germanic Cryptologic Linguist


A German
B Dutch
C Flemish
D Swedish
E Afrikaans

    AFSC 1N3X2 - Romance Cryptologic Linguist


    A Spanish (Latin American)
    B Portuguese (Latin American)
    C French
    D Italian
    E Romanian
    F Haitian - Creole
    G Molodovan

      AFSC 1N3X3 - Slavic Cryptologic Linguist


      A Russian
      B Polish
      C Czech
      E Belarusian
      D Serbo-Croatian
      E Russian (White)
      F Hungarian
      G Lithuanian
      H Slovenian
      J Bulgarian
      K Ukranian
      L Macedonian
      M Albanian

        AFSC 1N3X4 - Far East Cryptologic Linguist


        A Chinese (Mandarin)
        B Vietnamese
        C Thai
        D Cambodian
        E Lao
        F Japanese
        G Korean
        H Chinese (Cantonese)
        J Tagalog

          AFSC 1N3X5 - Mid East Cryptologic Linguist


          A Arabic
          B Arabic (Syrian)
          C Hebrew
          D Persian
          E Turkish
          F Greek
          G Indonesian
          H Hindi
          J Armenian
          K Azeri
          L Pushtu
          M Georgian
          N Tadzhik
          P Kazakh
          Q Turkmen
          R Uzbek
          S Persian (Dari)
          T Punjabi
          V Sindhi
          W Urdu

            AFSC 1N3X6 - African Cryptologic Linguist


            A Swahili
            B Zande
            C Berber (Shawia)
            D Bedawi (Beja)
            E Sidamo
            F Somali
            G Nubian
            H Bari
            J Dinka
            K Nuer
            L Otuho
            M Shilluk
            N Fur
            P Amharic
            Q Aramaic
            R Assyrian
            S Tigre
            T Tigrinya

              AFSC 1N3X7 - Turkic Cryptologic Linguist


              A Chechen
              B Circassian
              C Kirgiz
              D Tatar
              E Uighur

                AFSC 1N3X8 - Polynesian Cryptologic Linguist


                A Bikol
                B Cebuano
                C Ilocano
                D Javanese
                E Sudanese
                F Tausug
                G Brahui
                H Telugu
                J Kanarese
                K Malayalam
                L Tamil

                  AFSC 1N3X9 - Indo-Iranian Cryptologic Linguist


                  A Assamese
                  B Baluchi
                  C Bengali
                  D Bihari
                  E Kurdish (Kurmanji)
                  F Kurdish (Sorani)
                  G Nepali
                  H Sinhala (Singhalese)

                    Deployment Rate for this AFSC

                    Strength Req: G

                    Physical Profile: 333121

                    Citizenship: Yes

                    Required Appitude Score : G-69 (Changed to G-72, effective 1 Jul 04).


                    Training : Training for Cryptologic Linguist is in two parts: The first part is language training, conducted at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California (see related article). The length of the training depends on the language being learned. Language training lasts between 47 and 63 weeks, depending on the difficulty-level of the language.

                    Following language training, technical job training is conducted at Goodfellow AFB, Texas. Again, the length of the training depends on the language, and can last between 10 and 22 weeks

                    Also see AFSC 1A8X1, Airborne Cryptologic Linguist.


                    Possible Assignment Locations

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