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Air Force Prior Service Enlistment Bonus Program


While the Air Force's "Prior Service Enlistment Bonus Program" is still "technically" in effect, the Air Force is accepting very, very, very few prior service applicants at this time -- mostly only those who are already qualified in EXTREMELY short jobs such as Pararescue and Combat Control.

Because of this, the Air Force is not making their prior service enlistment bonus amounts available to the general public at this time. If this ever changes, the bonus amounts will be posted here.

However, the basic eligibility criteria is as follows:

Must enlist for 6 years

    - Must enlist as an E-4 or above

    - Must have been separated less then 6 years, as of date of enlistment

    - Those that cross-trained to come on active duty are not authorized bonus

    - MOS Conversions from sister services are authorized bonus, however, if they had to attend any school they are not authorized a bonus

    - Members must be re-certified at the 5 skill level by the SQ/CC before receiving bonus

    - If enlisting at the 3 skill level, member must be upgraded to the 5 skill level within 18 months of the date of enlistment

    - The bonus is paid in one lump sum

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