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Installation Overview --Yokota Air Base, Japan


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Installation Overview --Yokota Air Base, Japan

Yokota High School

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Yokota Air Base has four schools. The two elementary schools located in the East and West housing areas. The Middle School and the High School sit next to each other in the South area of base. The middle school has grades sixth through eight. The high school has grades ninth through twelfth. Each of the schools has a great student-teacher ratio and offers a wide spectrum of classes and services for your student's educational needs. All the schools offer classes to introduce the students to the culture and language of Japan along with many opportunities to experience the Japanese culture first hand.

Depending on your quarters' location, students will be issues a bus pass. If you live off base there may be transportation available for your students. The housing office will have details on off-base pick-up locations for students.

School Registration requires the following documents: PCS Orders, Student passport or birth certificate, Shot records and Official transcript (most recent)/School Records-Report Cards.

The following programs are available at the education center for adult education: Developmental and Associate Degree Programs from Central Texas College, Bachelor Degree and distance learning Programs from the University of Maryland, Master Degree programs with Universities of Phoenix and Oklahoma, Educational Counseling and Testing services for Active Duty personnel, DoD Civilians, and their family members, Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) updates and degree completion, Conversational Japanese Classes for adults and Tuition Assistance program for Active Duty Personnel and the spouse tuition assistance program.

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