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Installation Overview --Yokota Air Base, Japan


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Installation Overview --Yokota Air Base, Japan

Base Housing - Garden Apartment

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

There are 2639 Military Family Housing (MFH) units available at Yokota AB. The average waiting period for on base housing is dependent upon the type of housing required, member's rank, bedroom entitlement, and time of year of arrival. Please check with the housing office upon arrival to verify your estimated wait.

Incoming service members will be allowed a housing preference of either a tower or garden unit by area. However, due to force protection concerns, if on base housing is available; you will not be allowed to move off base. If we are not able to house you on base, you will be issued a non-availability statement and your family will reside in community housing until on-base housing becomes available. Living in Japan is different from CONUS areas. You can expect to live in smaller units, drive on congested/narrow streets, have limited parking, and use smaller appliances. In addition, the majority of local community housing landlords do not allow pets.

All members of the military services who are commissioned officer, warrant officer, and enlisted personnel on active duty and eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at the with-dependent rate (except military to military) and who are serving an accompanied tour for the area and authorized to be joined (within 30 days) or accompanied by command sponsored dependents are eligible for MFH.

Career military couples, jointly assigned to the installation, are authorized to live in family housing. Both members must be serving an accompanied tour for the area.

In the case of joint custody of common dependent(s) when both parents are military members, only the member who is receiving "with dependent rate BAH" is authorized housing provided the dependent resides with that member for at least 6 months out of the year.

A member with a pending marriage date may submit an application 30 days prior to the marriage. The member must be serving an accompanied tour and have command sponsorship for dependent(s) before being assigned to a MFH unit.

All unaccompanied E1 - E6 will be housed in the dorms. All dormitory rooms are furnished to include linens, bed/mattress, dresser, entertainment center, lounge chair and computer desk with matching chair. Some rooms have private bathrooms but the majority of the rooms have shared bathrooms. Some dormitories have shared kitchens, laundry rooms and fitness areas. P

Single officers and civilian equivalents may apply for on base housing by completing an application at the housing office of their current duty location. Rooms have individual living/dining room, small kitchen area, bedroom and a bathroom. Units are fully furnished and equipped with a refrigerator and stove. Each floor is equipped with adequate laundry facilities.

Your sponsor should contact the unaccompanied housing office (315-225-9145) to arrange for your room availability upon your arrival.

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