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Installation Overview --Travis Air Force Base, California


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Medical Care
Installation Overview --Travis Air Force Base, California

Grant Medical Center Travis Air Force Base

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

David Grant Medical Center serves Travis AFB and is a state-of-the-art medical facility serving 750,000 military beneficiaries in the eight western states.

The facility operated by the 60th Medical Group encompasses 808,475 square feet with 3,662 rooms, approximately 200 inpatient and 75 Aeromedical staging flight beds, 52 dental treatment rooms and serves 400,000 patients annually.

The Medical Center is divided into three patient areas - impatient nursing units, diagnostic and treatment areas and outpatient clinics. The hospital is designed around five large courtyards and is greater than two football fields in width and almost four football fields in length.

The medical center offers a complete range of medical, surgical and dental services, including, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine and a world-class hyperbaric medicine service. These services are supported by an active clinical investigations program as well as extensive post-graduate training programs in medicine, dentistry, nursing and health care administration.

The medical center is currently staffed by 1,363 military and 238 civilian personnel.

David Grant also has two off-site out-patient clinics located in Sacramento approximately 50 miles from Travis. The McClellan Clinic and the Mather Clinic both fall under the Medical Operations Squadron and can reached by calling DSN 799-3820 or (707) 423-3820.

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