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Installation Overview --Travis Air Force Base, California


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Installation Overview --Travis Air Force Base, California

Scandia Elementary School

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Airman and Family Readiness Center - School Liaison Office is located at 351 Travis Avenue Suite 1, Building 660 60 MSS/DPF Travis AFB, CA 94535-1903, the phone is 707-424-2486 /(DSN) 312-837-2486. The Travis AFB School Liaison Officer improves transitional support for school children of Travis personnel by establishing partnerships between the base and local schools, advocating for military children, increasing awareness of the unique needs of military children, and providing a process to address and resolve military-specific education issues.

Each child entering the California school system must have all required immunizations prior to enrollment. Immunizations required prior to enrollment: Polio, TP, MMR, Hepatitis B, and Varicella.

Public schools in each school district are free to children residing in the district. Every child who has reached his/her 5th birthday on or before 30 September of any school year and who has not passed his/her 18th birthday is required to attend school.

Travis schools are located in Solano County. To complete registration the school district also requires a copy of your child's Birth Certificate or other proof of child's age, your student's immunization record, proof of your address - acceptable forms are (escrow documentation or purchase, copy of lease or rent receipt, PG&E bill, water bill or property tax receipt indicating your name and address). You will also need to complete Registration Form to finalize you enrollment. To register for kindergarten, the school needs your child's birth certificate; children being registered for kindergarten, must turn five (5) years of age by December 2 of the school year. To register for grades 1-6, we will need your child's last report card. A physical examination is required of all students beginning school for the first time. The physical must have been performed after the child is four and a half years old. Commonly asked questions about the Immunization Requirements.

The Travis area has several private schools for every level of schooling. Many are religiously affiliated. There are waiting lists at many schools, particularly for first grade classes. Most schools require admissions tests. Tuition varies widely and increases with the grade level at most institutions. Preschoolers can pay as much as $2,000 for five-day week program. High school costs can range from $3,000-$5,000 a year. In addition to basic fees, students pay for books and transportation. Most private schools do not provide transportation.

California provides a one-year tuition waiver for the spouse and dependents of active duty military personnel while attending community colleges. During that time, the non-military spouse and dependents are entitled to one year of in-state tuition. For example, Solano Community College charges California residents an enrollment fee of $12 per unit. Out of state residents pay that fee plus $125 per unit tuition.

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