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Installation Overview --Travis Air Force Base, California


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Installation Overview --Travis Air Force Base, California

Wherry Housing community

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force
Travis Air Force Base (AFB) currently has approximately 1,800 units but eventually will have only 1,179 family housing units. All units are equipped with stove and refrigerator. All officer family housing is adequate three or four bedroom homes. Military personnel, E1 and above, with accompanying dependents are eligible to apply for military family housing. Priority assignment to on-base housing for either medical or financial hardship reasons must be supported by the appropriate base agencies.

There are several different waiting lists for base housing, depending on the member's rank and bedroom requirement. The waiting periods for base housing vary are subject to change.

All military personnel with dependents, are authorized to submit an advance application for military housing at any time after they have received Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or Active Duty orders for Travis AFB. The application must be submitted on DD Form 1746, Application for Assignment to Housing and a copy of your orders must accompany your application. Advance application can be made at your current housing office and they will forward your application to the Travis AFB housing office on your behalf.

The effective date of application is the first day of the month prior to the month in which the applicant states he or she will arrive at Travis. This is the actual reporting or sign-in month. If the applicant arrives at Travis AFB later than the stated arrival month, the effective date of application is adjusted to the first day of the month prior to the actual reporting arrival month.

If the applicant arrives at Travis prior to the stated arrival month, he/she has the option of retaining the original effective date of application, or assuming a "walk-in date".

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