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Installation Overview --Osan Air Base, South Korea


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Installation Overview --Osan Air Base, South Korea

Unaccompanied Housing dormitory

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Base Housing Office is located in Bldg. 765, across from the chapel. The telephone number is DSN: 784-6791/1840, Fax 784-2800. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday. The housing office closes at noon for training every first and third Thursday. The housing office maintains a waiting list by date of sign-ups. Advance sign-up applications are not authorized. Pets are not authorized in any of Osan's unaccompanied dormitories. All unaccompanied members are required to live on-base, unless they have their commander's approval to reside off-base and dormitory occupancy rates exceed 95 percent. Exceptions to this policy are granted by the exception policy processing.

Airmen are housed on-base in private rooms. Some rooms share and adjoining bedroom While some rooms have their own. Kitchens are available in the day rooms, if not in the room. NCOs are housed in single rooms with a shared bath. They are equipped with wall-to-wall carpeting, refrigerators, and modular furniture. Centralized kitchens are located in the dormitory for common use. SNCOs have 2-rooms suites with one room functioning as a bedroom and other serves as a small living room. Rooms also have a private bathroom and kitchenette. Rooms have wall-to-wall carpeting, refrigerators, and modular furniture. Officer's rooms contain wall-to-wall carpeting, modular furniture, and a kitchenette with refrigerator, stove and a private bath. Two-room suites are available for O-3s and above with one room serving as a bedroom and the other as a living room.

The housing assignment policy at Osan is like no other in the Air Force. Since Sept. 1, 2005, Osan has been in non-concurrent travel status, meaning the sponsor's family can not travel concurrently with the military member until housing is secured.

The military member is responsible for submitting Concurrent Travel Exception to Policy request prior to PCSing. Your MPF office will notify you if on-base housing will be available upon your arrival to Osan.

Seoraksan Tower is located by the commissary and the elementary and high schools. Seoraksan Tower offers two-bedroom (1,299 square feet); three-bedroom (1,755 to 1,908 square feet) and four-bedroom (1,908 square feet) living quarters.

Hallsan Tower is the second of three new family housing towers. This facility is located across hospital parking zone. Hallsan Tower offers three-bedroom (1,741 to 2,066 square feet) and four-bedroom (2,302 and 2,307 square feet) living quarters.

Jirisan Tower is the third of three new family housing towers. This facility is located behind Hallsan Tower. Jirisan Tower offers three-bedroom (1,813 to 1,992 square feet) and four-bedroom (2,081 to 2,217 square feet) living quarters.

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