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Installation Overview --Moron Air Base, Spain


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Installation Overview --Moron Air Base, Spain

The Air Force Wind Band perform “Peter and The Wolf” and children were able to examine each instrument used during the performance.

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Sevilla Elementary /Middle School is comprised of students from Kindergarten through eighth grade, dedicated faculty/staff members, and parent volunteers stationed at the Morón Air Base. The base DoDDS elementary/middle school cannot currently support students on IEP or with any special needs.

When registering a new student, parents should report to the school with: a copy of the sponsor’s orders and any amendments, the child’s Social Security Number, shot records, birth certificate or passport (Kindergarten and First Grade only) and any prior report cards and school records.

The DoDDS Student Transportation Office (STO) provides school bus transportation for students who live within the established commuting area.

Please contact the School Liaison (SL) at DSN 314-722-8044 if you have high school-age dependents since there are several options that need to be considered prior to your arrival, including boarding school CONUS or OCONUS.

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