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Installation Overview --Moron Air Base, Spain


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U.S. Aircraft At Moron , Spain Airbase
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Morón Air Base, Spain, is located in Andalusia, the country's southernmost region. It is less than an hour away from Seville, a city of almost one million people famous for its flamenco shows, spring festivals and bullfights. The installation is located in a quiet and rural setting within several hours of many major historical and tourist locations in Spain. Families enjoy the mild weather and the proximity to beautiful beaches and picturesque hilltop towns. The local cost-of-living is within a comfortable midrange.

In NATO terms, Morón Air Base is a standby base, but on14 Dec 95, Morón Air Base was re-designated as a limited base. This designation recognizes that Morón Air Base is "austerely manned" and "has no permanently assigned operational tactical forces," but does have "facilities for communications, air traffic control navigational aids, maintenance, base supply, billeting, recreation, messing, transportation, and operational support."

Morón is home to the 92nd AEW – tasked with providing fuel to OPERATION ALLIED FORCE. The 92nd AEW is the largest Tanker Wing since the Vietnam War, while Morón holds the distinction of being the largest tanker base during the Kosovo war.

The mission of Morón Air Base is to operate and maintain a strategic forward operating base to support US and Allied air/space power projection, to include transient and aircraft beddown operations. The installation hosts Air Mobility Command, Air Force Space Command and Air Force Office of Special Investigations units. Additionally, the base plays an important role in NASA's shuttle program as the only combined emergency and transoceanic abort landing site.

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