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Installation Overview --Luke Air Force Base, Arizona


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Medical Care
Installation Overview --Luke Air Force Base, Arizona

A simulated chemical burn victim seeks immediate attention during a major accident response exercise

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo credit Airman 1st Class Ronifel Yasay

The Luke AFB Clinic is an outpatient Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) with specialties in family practice, women's health, pediatrics, orthopedics, ear-nose-throat, optometry, mental health, physical therapy, internal medicine, immunizations, allergy, cardiology, and flight medicine. The clinic does not provide emergency services.

Co-located with the clinic is an up-to-date 24-chair dental clinic providing care in general dentistry and specialty services in the fields of endodontics, restorative dentistry, and periodontics.

Family members of active duty, with retired military and family members of retired military follow in the eligibility chain. Dental care services are available to active duty military only. Only emergency dental care is offered to other eligible individuals. When services are unavailable, those eligible for medical/dental care are referred to TRICARE.

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