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Installation Overview --Luke Air Force Base, Arizona


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Installation Overview --Luke Air Force Base, Arizona

David White plays with the buttons in patrol vehicle during the Police Week Expo at the base exchange parking lot

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo credit Airman 1st Class Ronifel Yasay

There are no DoDDS Schools on Luke AFB. The educational opportunities in the greater Phoenix area include over 40 public school districts for elementary and high school children as well as vocational, community college, and university level educational institutions. Among the metropolitan area school districts there are significant differences in the quality of education provided. Children are assigned to the district in which they live, making it important to research schools before making a housing decision.

Within a 15-20 mile radius of Luke AFB, there are over 15 elementary school districts with school start dates for each one varying from mid-August to the first of September. Some of the districts are on a year-round school schedule, which means the students have several breaks during the school year but attend the entire year. This currently applies to some high schools and is being considered by elementary schools as well. Please contact your child's school district to ask what transportation services are provided.

There are many private schools in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Private secular schools are schools without religious affiliation.

If your child has special education needs, the districts require an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Questions about Arizona's Special Education or Exceptional Student Services can be asked by calling 602-542-4013 or visit the Arizona Department of Education website.

The Temporary Living Facilities (TLF) or Papago Village, is located in the Dysart School District. Elementary School children attend the Luke Elementary School, and High School students attend Dysart High School.

Base housing is divided by Glendale Avenue, which separates residents into two school districts. Those north of Glendale Avenue in Saguaro Manor fall within the Dysart School District. Those south of Glendale Avenue in Ocotillo Manor fall within the Litchfield Elementary School District. You must have proof of residency prior to enrolling your children in the Litchfield Elementary School District.

Home schooling is educating children outside the public-private-parochial school establishment. Each state has specific mandatory requirements for parents who choose the home schooling option. Parents who choose to educate their child at home and who resides in Arizona visit the homeschool website or call 602-506-3144.

The Education Services Flight offers many educational programs including undergraduate and graduate degree courses from Park College, Rio Salado Community College, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Wayland Baptist University. Scholarships are also available.

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