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Installation Overview --Luke Air Force Base, Arizona


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Installation Overview --Luke Air Force Base, Arizona
Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Balfour Beatty Communities oversees the housing for Luke Air Force Base. Base housing consists of several types of homes that are available based on rank and family size. Basic bedroom requirements are determined by the number of dependents residing with the service member including qualified dependents to age 23 who are students. The waiting time for privatized housing varies according to the number of bedrooms authorized, the member's rank, and the time of year of arrival. Residents that are returning from a dependent restricted tour will be given credit from the date of their departure for that tour for up to fourteen months but may not displace anyone within the freeze zone (top 10% of the waiting list). You may contact the BBC office at 623-388-3515.

Luke AFB has 620 homes in Sagauro Manor, north of Glendale Avenue and Ocotillo Manor, south of Glendale Avenue. 469 of these homes are single family and townhomes with spacious 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, carports, washer/dryer hookups, and some fenced-in backyards designated for E1-E6, E7E9 and O1-O6, located in the Saguaro Manor. 151 townhomes with 3 and 4 bedrooms are designated for E2-E6 and E7 are located in the Ocotillo Manor. Children will enjoy playing in the playgrounds and tot lots that are located throughout the neighborhood.

The availability of dormitory housing for single airmen varies. Potential dorm residents should contact their First Sergeants immediately upon arrival for a room assignment or referral for authorization to live off base. There are no permanent party Bachelor Officer Quarters or Unaccompanied NCO Quarters. Unaccompanied personnel in grades E-4 and above are authorized to live off-base with Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). However, all personnel must go through the Housing Office prior to obtaining off base housing.

There are two newly constructed permanent party enlisted dormitories built to the one-plus-one standard. Most dormitory rooms share a bathroom with the adjoining room. There are no shared permanent party enlisted dormitory rooms, therefore, no roommates. All dormitories have common area recreation rooms, pool and foosball tables, lounges and television rooms. Home theater systems with surround sound are installed in each dormitory.

All dormitory and room assignments are made based on Group Integrity and are done by the Consolidated Dormitory Management Office (CDMO), which is located adjacent to dormitory 635, across from the base post office. Airmen desiring to reside off base may be approved for BAH only if the base-wide dormitory occupancy exceeds 90%.

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