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Installation Overview --Luke Air Force Base, Arizona


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview --Luke Air Force Base, Arizona

Swan Newsome, Support Squadron housekeeper, makes a bed in one of the Fighter County Inn rooms

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo credit Tech. Sgt. Deborah Silliman Wolfe

Fighter Country Inn offers temporary lodging on Luke Air Force Base at an affordable price. The Inn features a variety of clean comfortable rooms within walking distance of many facilities on Luke Air Force Base. You may contact them for information or reservations 24 hours a day at 623-856-3941, 623-935-2641, DSN 312-896-3941, Toll Free 1-888-AFLODGE (235-6343), FAX 623-856-3332, DSN FAX 312-896-3332. The reception desk is located at 7012 N. Bong Lane in Building 660.

The Fighter Country Inn is open 24 hours a day. Duty travelers may make reservations at any time. A copy of your orders will be required on the date of check-in. Non-duty travelers may make reservations 24 hours in advance. Space Available guests may make reservations 30 days in advance based on availability.

The Inn features 15 Business Suites, 42 TLF Houses that include 6 pet friendly, and 169 Visiting Quarters (VQs). Visiting Quarters have a full size bed, kitchenette, and a private bath for $27.00 per night. Distinguished Visitor Suites have a queen size bed, living room, kitchen, and private bath for $41.50 per night. TLF units accommodate families and can be rented for $36.00 per night.

Families arriving PCS may stay in one of 42 Temporary Lodging Facilities for up to 30 days, space permitting. The Inn accepts space available reservations 30 days in advance for up to a 3 night stay. Holiday reservations at Luke AFB can be confirmed for up to a 14 night stay from 21 Dec - 3 Jan 07.

PCS Single Airmen arriving after duty hours or on weekends are housed in hospitality quarters until the first duty day when they are then assigned to their squadron dormitory.

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