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Installation Overview --Luke Air Force Base, Arizona


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Main Phone Numbers
Installation Overview --Luke Air Force Base, Arizona
Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Base Operator: DSN 896-1110 Comm: 623-856-7411

Luke Child Development Center 623-856-6339, 623-856-6338, DSN 312-896-6339, or DSN 312-896-6338.

Family Child Care Office 623-856-7472 or DSN 312-896-7472

School Age Program 623-856-7470, 623-856-7471, DSN 312-896-7470, or DSN 312-896-7471

Family Support Center (FSC) (623) 856-6386 or DSN 896-6386

Fighter Country Inn 623-856-3941, 623-935-2641, DSN 312-896-3941

Balfour Beatty Communities 623-388-3515

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