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Installation Overview --Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas


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Child Care
Installation Overview --Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas

Youth Center on Base

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force
All child care programs available at the Little Rock AFB CDC are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

There is a waiting list for child care programs at the Little Rock CDC. To be placed on the list, you will need to pick up a DD Form 2606 from your base Child Development Center (CDC), fill it out completely, and mail it to the CDC, 314 SVS/SVYC, Little Rock AFB AR 72099-5013 or fax to DSN 312-731-5465. Call the CDC upon arrival to obtain the waiting list status.

The rates of childcare at the CDC are based on total family income.

The Enrichment Program at Little Rock AFB is supervised by the CDC and is located in the back of the Thomas Community Activity Center (TCAC). This program begins in September and closes in May. Children must be 3 and 4 years old by 1 October. A $15 registration fee is required upon acceptance.

Special needs children cannot be admitted to any program without approval from the Special Needs Officer. If your child is considered a special needs child and you are interested in our program, contact the desk clerk at the CDC to make an appointment with the CDC Director. This procedure is designed to provide protection and the proper level of care for your child.

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