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Installation Overview --Elmendorf AFB, Alaska


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Installation Overview --Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

4 bedroom Field Grade Officer Housing

Photo courtesy USAF

All military housing at Elmendorf is privatized and operated by Aurora Military Housing. There are 2,022 new and remodeled military family housing units at Elmendorf Air Force Base (AFB). Housing units include 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units and are located in several housing areas at the base.

All assignments to on base military housing are now handled by Aurora Housing Office. They can be contacted at 907-753-1023/1024. For more information on privatized housing at Elmendorf Air Force Base, go to their web site .

Anchorage is considered a high cost of living area. Housing off base is expensive. Three and four bedroom rentals are hard to find. Almost all newcomers who need family housing may, initially, have to obtain off base housing.

Unaccompanied or single E-4's and below are normally not authorized to reside off base and will reside in the dorm. There is a sign-up list for single members in the event the installation commander allows off base living in the future.

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