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Installation Overview --Elmendorf AFB, Alaska


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview --Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

North Star Inn

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The North Star Inn provides all temporary lodging on Elmendorf AFB. Reservations for lodging should be made as far in advance as possible to insure temporary lodging facilities are available upon arrival. If the accompanied member and their family do not have a confirmed reservation they may be issued a non-availability slip to go off base and obtain a hotel/motel in Anchorage. During the summer month's hotel/motels are limited. The lodging office has a referral list of hotels/motels that are within the Temporary Lodging Allowance costs. They can also provide listings of off base hotels/motels that accept pets.

Moving to an off base hotel/motel is not automatic. The military member must be issued a non-availability slip from the lodging office before going off base to obtain a hotel/motel.

Transient facilities include one, two and three bedroom units for families. These units have everything needed to live comfortably while in a travel status. Each unit has a washer, dryer and complete cooking facility.

To make a room reservation at Elmendorf Air Force Base, fill out a Reservation Request Form and fax it to 907-552-8276, DSN 317-552-8276, or call at 907-552-2454, DSN 317-552-2454.

Important Note: Your reservation is not firm until you receive a confirmation number. Please, do not assume you have a reservation until you have been given a confirmation number.

FAMCAMP operates Campground Lodging between May and Sept, 24/7, depending on weather. No reservations are taken at the FAMCAMP, first come first served. Cost is $10 per day. There is a 14 day maximum stay for vacationers. There is no maximum stay for personnel who are relocating to or from Elmendorf on PCS Orders. The camp has 63 campsites with water and electricity. There is an overflow area without water and electricity, which costs $5.00 a day. There is a facility with showers, washers and dryers, playground and pay phone.

Temporary Lodging Allowance is not authorized for single unaccompanied airmen. Single unaccompanied airmen may be house in temporary hospitality rooms until a permanent dorm room is assigned.

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