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Installation Overview --Eielson AFB, Alaska


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Installation Overview --Eielson AFB, Alaska

Base Housing at Eielson

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The Eielson Housing Management Office is located in Building 2529 to assist in locating either on-base or off-base housing, as required. All personnel reporting to Eielson must report to Housing Management before making any arrangements for permanent housing. Members authorized to reside off-base must receive an off-base briefing prior to entering a rental agreement.

Eielson has adequate on-base housing, subject to availability, for all military ranks.

Housing is allocated equally to each grade category. Each unit is equipped with a refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher and garbage disposal. Some units also have trash compactors. Waiting time depends on rank, date of rank, length of service, family size and composition, reporting date, and whether member elects to accept preference or non-preference housing.

The current inventory consists of 159 Officer and 1017 Enlisted housing units. The various floor plans can be seen by visiting the Housing Management page through the Air Force Portal.

Members are urged to submit an advance application for housing as soon as possible after receiving PCS orders. Advance application forms (DD1746) can be obtained from the Housing Office at your current base. It is important to complete your application early and have it validated by your local housing office. After validation, your local housing office will send or fax the completed application to the Eielson office for processing.

The Housing Management Flight oversees a web based database of off-base rental units that are available in the commuting area. These are typically one to four bedrooms (houses, duplexes, apartments) located from two to 32 miles from Eielson. Many units in the area do not have garages and the majority of landlords will NOT accept pets. Some utility companies waive deposits based upon a letter of credit from the appropriate utility company at the member's last duty station.

Eielson has nine dormitories with 618 bed spaces for grades E1-E4, The point of contact is the Dorm Management Office at DSN 317 377-2727 or Commercial (907) 377-2727.

Sponsors of members required to reside on-base may call for room assignment before arrival, thus letting new arrivals move into a dormitory room immediately rather than spend time in temporary quarters. Questions concerning availability of UOQ units should be directed to housing management at DSN 317 377-2244 or Commercial (907) 377-2244.

In addition, if you are a single E4 with a line number for staff sergeant and wish to reside off base, or a married unaccompanied E1-E9 who wishes to reside on base, call the unaccompanied housing office at DSN 317-377-2727 or Commercial (907) 377-2727. E5 and above and all married (unaccompanied) members are housed on a space-available basis only.

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