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Installation Overview --Eglin Air Force Base, Florida


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Medical Care
Installation Overview --Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

Ariel view of the Eglin Hospital

Photo courtesy U.S.Air Force

The Eglin Regional Hospital is one of the largest and busiest in the Air Force. The hospital, which serves a population of approximately 77,000, is accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. Eglin currently has four separate units including medical, surgical, obstetrical and psychiatric.

The primary mission of the Eglin Regional Hospital is to provide peacetime healthcare to active duty personnel and ensure they are ready for wartime deployments. Active duty members are the first priority of medical services. They are entitled to receive complete treatment. Eglin Hospital military personnel are major players in the Iraq War, with around 25% deployed at the present time.

TRICARE Prime enrollees are the second priority. All other beneficiaries will be treated on a space available basis. This results in many patients being referred off base for medical care.

TRICARE, the DoD managed-care program has been implemented in this region. Upon reporting to their new duty station, active duty personnel will report to the TRICARE Service Center on Boatner Road, Building 2793 to enroll for TRICARE Prime. For more information on TRICARE, call DSN 875-8396 or (850) 883-8396.

A 62 chair dental clinic is available and dental care is currently offered for active duty only, due to deployment of dental personnel.

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