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Installation Overview --Eglin Air Force Base, Florida


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Installation Overview --Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

Georgia Avenue Housing Area

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Eglin Air Force Base has 2,359 military family housing units. All housing units are equipped with stove and refrigerator. The base housing office is located at 37 Hatchee Avenue and can be reached by calling 850-882-4533 or DSN 312-872-4533. There is a waiting list for all on base family housing categories. Several units and one dormitory are currently being renovated. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Unaccompanied members are to contact their orderly room for specific housing information.

Advance applications for assignments may be made through the family housing office of the service members current assignment before moving.. The applications are effective the first day of the month prior to the reporting month. Separate waiting lists are maintained for senior grade, field grade, company grade, senior NCOs and junior NCOs. Date of application, grade, date of rank and length of service determine all positions. Names on the waiting list will not be altered with the exception of “key and essential” members and for members approved for an out-of-tour assignment because of hardship. Those to whom housing has been previously committed will not be displaced. The average waiting list times vary. For up to date information you can call 882-4533.

Unmarried junior enlisted members generally live in one of Eglin’s seven dormitories located near the dining hall, chapel, base gym, Enlisted Club and bus lines on base. Each individual unit generally handles dormitory assignments. Bachelor Officer Quarters are not available.

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