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Installation Overview --Eglin Air Force Base, Florida


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

Eglin AFB is located in Okaloosa County approx 60 miles East of Pensacola and 65 miles West of Panama City in the Northwest Area (called the Panhandle) of Florida.

If arriving from the Airport in Pensacola, take I-110 E to Hwy 98 W. Follow Hwy 98 W for about 50 miles until you reach Fort Walton Beach. Turn left on to Eglin Parkway and continue until you reach Eglin's West Gate. Pensacola Airport is approximately 70 miles from Eglin AFB and Okaloosa Regional Airport is adjacent to the base. If you are driving from the Pensacola airport to Eglin AFB, follow the signs from the airport to I-10 East. Turn right on SR 85 at Crestview (exit 56), which leads to Niceville. Turn right on SR 20 (John Sims Parkway) until you reach the Eglin AFB East Gate.

If you arrive at the Okaloosa Regional Airport, exit the airport to the right on SR 85 until you reach SR 20 in Valparaiso, Turn right and follow it to the Eglin AFB East gate. Individuals who are driving should take I-10 to exit 56, go south on SR 85 until reach intersection of SR 85 and Hwy 20 in Niceville, turn right on Hwy 20 (John Sims Parkway) and continue until you reach the Eglin East Gate. Base taxi service is available for military members without families -- Call (850) 882 -3791/DSN 312-872-3791. The airport is located just outside of Niceville on State Road 85, less than a 15-minute drive from the heart of Niceville. It is located on property owned by Eglin Air Force Base and uses Eglin's runways.

If driving from the Northeast/Southwest take Exit 56 (Crestview) if you are using Interstate 10. Turn right if you are coming from the southwest and left if you are coming from the northeast on to Hwy 85 South approx 14 miles to Hwy 123. Turn to the right on to Hwy 123 and follow it until it dead ends into Hwy 85. Make a right and go to the first light (Lewis Turner Blvd). At the light, turn left and continue on that route for approx 1/2 mile. Turn left at the next light into the West Gate area of Eglin.

If you are driving on Hwy 98, Eglin AFB is approx 8 miles NW of Fort Walton Beach, 60 miles E of Pensacola and 65 miles W of Panama City.

When traveling from the north, after entering Florida look for Hwy 85 to Crestview. After you enter Crestview, continue to follow Hwy 85. You will go under Interstate 10 but continue on Hwy 85 for approx 14 miles until you see the sign that says Fort Walton Beach to the right (Hwy 123). Follow Hwy 123 until it dead ends. Make a right and go to the first light which will be Lewis Turner Blvd. Turn left and continue for approx 1/2 miles. Turn left at the next light to enter the Eglin West Gate.

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