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Installation Overview --Dover Air Force Base, Delaware


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Medical Care
Installation Overview --Dover Air Force Base, Delaware
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The 436th Medical Group at Dover provides medical care for the Dover community. They are partnered with our TRICARE contractor, Health Net Federal Services, to provide medical services to all our eligible beneficiaries. Enrollment packages are available at the TRICARE Service Center  at 1-877-TRICARE or call 302-677-4858 for information.

TRICARE Prime members enrolled to the 436th Medical Group. Non-TRICARE Prime beneficiaries are seen on a space-available basis.

Dental care services are available to active duty military only. Only emergency dental care is offered to other eligible individuals. Those eligible for medical/dental care are referred to TRICARE network providers when services are unavailable.

To schedule an appointment, you must call the appointment line at 302-730-4MED (4633). Hours of operation are 0630-1630 M-F. Our clinic hours are 0730-1630 M-F closed all federal holidays and the second Tuesday of every month for training day from 1200-end of day.

When illness occurs after duty hours, you may call your Primary Care Manager after hours at 302-730-4633, or you can report to the closest Emergency Room.

There is not an Emergency Room at the Dover AFB Medical Group. If you think you have a medical condition or injury that requires immediate attention, report to the nearest Emergency Room.

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