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Installation Overview --Dover Air Force Base, Delaware


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Installation Overview --Dover Air Force Base, Delaware

New family housing in Eagle Heights

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

All newcomer personnel assigned to Dover AFB must stop by the Housing Management Office, located in Bldg 520 before entering into a lease or purchase agreement for a home. The Housing Management office will assist you in all your housing referral needs, whether you elect to purchase, rent in the area or move into privatized housing. If you elect privatized housing you must have a referral form signed by one of our housing counselors before you can sign a lease with Dover AFB Properties LLC. Eagle Heights Welcome & Community Center is located at 1069 High Street , phone number (302) 678-3603.

Hunt is responsible for the construction and management of Dover Air Force Base family housing. Over the next four years, Hunt will rebuild the Dover AFB family housing and provide management and maintenance service to residents in all homes on base. Eagle Heights at Dover offers all new homes, built within the last 2 years, in a gated community on base. Members desiring to reside in privatized housing will be required to sign a 1 year lease that will be renewed as a month to month after the 1 year tenancy is complete.

All of Dover's unaccompanied airman quarters are controlled by the Housing Management Office's Central Dorm Management element. You can contact the Central Dorm Management Office at (302) 677-5990 or DSN 445-5990 during normal duty hours. After duty hours report to Bldg 800, Lodging Office, the 24 hour reception point. Airman assigned to Dover AFB are required to be housed in a single occupancy dormitory room. All NCOs are paid single-rate quarters allowance for off-base accommodations. Dover currently has ten dormitories with a total of 725 rooms. There are no designated Bachelor's Officer Quarters or Noncommissioned Officer Quarters on Dover AFB. All dormitories are conveniently located to dining, recreational, and community service facilities.

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