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Installation Overview --Dover Air Force Base, Delaware


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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview --Dover Air Force Base, Delaware

Eagle's Rest Lodging

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force
Eagles Rest Inn provides temporary lodging for Dover AFB. Eagles REst Inn can be contacted at DSN 445-2841 or (302) 677-2841. Stays are limited to 30 days for inbound families and 7 days for outbound families. Reservations are accepted 60 days before arrival. Each suite has a private bedroom, private bath and a combination kitchenette, dining room, and living room with a hide-a-bed. Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible because of very limited space available. If on-base lodging is not available, lodging will provide a list of off-base facilities. No pets are allowed in base lodging. If you plan to travel with pets, make sure your sponsor is aware so that reservations with a local kennel can be made if necessary. Sponsors can make dorm room arrangements for single AF members that are required to reside in the dorm. If arrangements are not made and arrival is after duty hours or on a weekend/holiday, report to the 24-hour arrival point located in the lodging office (Eagles Rest Inn)located in Building 800.

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