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Installation Overview --Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado


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Main Phone Numbers
Installation Overview --Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado

Staff Sgt. Justin Tiffin, Executive Assistant to the 460th Space Wing Command Chief, tends to a phone call

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Senior Airman Randi Flaugh
The Defense Switched Network, or DSN, for Buckley is 847.

Airman's Attic 720-847-6021
Barber Shop 720-859-0933
Base Exchange 720-847-7107
Base Operator 720-847-1110
Chapel 720-847-4631
Child Development Center (Crested Butte) 720-847-6174
Child Development Center (A-Basin) 720-847-7215
Civilian Personnel Office 720-847-6191
Commissary 720-847-7100
Dental Clinic 303-340-3330
Education Office 720-847-6675
Equal Employment Office 720-847-6032
Airman and Family Readiness Center 720-847-6681
743rd MIBN Family Support (Army) 720-847-5286
Finance 720-847-6416
Fitness Center 720-847-6679
Health and Wellness Center 720-847-6414
Household Goods 720-847-6685
Housing Referral Office 720-847-6187
ID Card Section 720-847-9159
Information, Tickets, & Tours (ITT) 720-847-6853
Installation Voting Officer 720-847-9891
Law Enforcement Desk 720-847-9930
Legal Services 720-847-6444
Medical Care Services 720-847-WELL (9355)
Military Equal Opportunity 720-847-6250
Military Personnel Flight 720-847-HELP (4357)
MWR Services 720-847-6101
Noise Complaint Hotline 720-847-9035
Official Mail Center 720-847-9710
Pass and Vehicle Registration 720-847-9381
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) 720-847-SARC (7272)
SARC Administrator 720-847-9858
SARC Officer 720-847-9414
Services 720-847-6101
Thrift Store 720-847-7467
TRICARE Service Center 1-888-874-9378

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