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Installation Overview --Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado


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Installation Overview --Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Buckley Air Force Base is located in Aurora, Colorado. Buckley Air Force Base's host unit, the 460th Space Wing, falls under the direction of Air Force Space Command. The base was named in honor of 1st Lt. John H. Buckley, a WWII flier from Longmont, Colo. Buckley's most apparent feature is six large geodesic domes that can be viewed clearly from many points throughout the Denver-metro area. The domes were built by the Air Force beginning in 1970, to shelter a multi-million dollar communications center. In addition to its active duty Air Force population, the 3,897-acre military base hosts Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard and National Guard and Reserve personnel.

Buckley has the only military runway, and the only airfield licensed to operate tactical aircraft loaded with munitions within a 410 mile radius of Denver. The base also employs a forward arresting system that can stop a high-powered military jet fighter that has declared an in-flight emergency.

Buckley AFB has grown and added many badly-needed facilities to support all Buckley personnel, including one the largest commissary and base exchange complexes in the Air Force, a world-class fitness center, and two new enlisted dorms. As the wing and base continue growing, a family housing is currently being constructed along with numerous other quality of life and mission essential projects that are dramatically changing Buckley's landscape.

The mission of the 460th is to deliver global infrared surveillance, tracking missile warning for theater and homeland defense and provide combatant commanders with expeditionary warrior Airmen. The vision is Total vigilance, warrior culture and strong community.

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