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Installation Overview --Vandenberg Air Force Base, California


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Installation Overview --Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Jared Coen, a first-grade student at Crestview Elementary School, takes the lead as his classmates count along with him the numbers ranging one to 100

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force; photo by: Airman 1st Class Steve Bauer

Children residing on Vandenberg AFB may attend schools in the Lompoc Unified School District (LUSD) . There is one elementary school on main base. A middle school and one elementary school are located in the East Housing area across from the Main gate. The nearest high school for base students is located in Vandenberg Village, 5 miles from VAFB. There is bus service for the middle and high school students. These schools are on the traditional schedule.

The city of Lompoc is served by an additional two high schools, two middle schools and nine elementary schools. Two of these elementary schools in Lompoc follow the year-round schedule.

Lompoc Unified School District also serves those choosing Independent Home Study for their children grades K-12. Through the Mission Valley School, the district provides student textbooks and materials as well as teacher guides. Call 805-742-3252 for more information.

Parents/guardians should register their kindergarten students at the school in their attendance area. If parents/guardians have questions regarding their particular attendance area, they should call the Lompoc School District Central Attendance at 805-742-3244, or the nearest elementary school. Parents/guardians registering students must bring their child's official birth certificate for age verification, official immunization records, and verification of address (such as a rent receipt or utility bill with the parents' name). The child should accompany the parent/guardian the day of registration. School nurses and other school staff will confer with each child's parent/guardian, check immunization records and will discuss any concerns for the child's well being while in school.

California law requires that all school children must be up-to-date on the following immunizations:

MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis)
Hepatitis B Series (3 doses)
An official immunization record is required prior to registration and enrollment of the kindergarten child.

New legislation for a Kindergarten Oral Health Check began January 1, 2007. This requires that children have a dental check-up by May 31 of their first year in public school, at kindergarten or first grade. Dental evaluations that have happened within the 12 months prior to school entry also meet this requirement.

In addition to public schools, the Lompoc Valley offers private schools and a network for homeschooling children. A variety of private schools include grades K-12 and are mainly located in the towns of Santa Maria and Lompoc. Not every school is able to provide transportation for their students.

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