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Installation Overview --Vandenberg Air Force Base, California


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Installation Overview --Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

New housing at Vandenberg AFB

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Vandenberg has a total of 1,925 family housing units. There are 1,652 single units and 273 duplexes, multiplexes and quadraplexes.

The Housing office is located in Building 13001.

Balfour Beatty Communities Military Housing is the private sector developer for the Vandenberg Air Force Military Housing Privatization Project. The 50-year term of the project commenced on Nov 1, 2007 with a six-year initial development period that includes the design, construction and/or renovation as well as the overall management, maintenance and operational responsibilities for an estimated 867 end-state housing units with project costs of approximately $163 million. For additional information on housing at Vandenberg, call (805) 734-1445.

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