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Installation Overview -- Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma


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Medical Care
Installation Overview -- Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma

Vance Clinic

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Active duty members on flying status are seen during sick-call. All family members enrolled in TRICARE PRIME will be seen in Flight Medicine within the required access standards on an appointment basis. If your child is under the age of three, they will not be seen by a flight surgeon. Appointments are available for a pediatrician or a family practice provider. All others can be seen in the clinic on a space available appointment basis. -For appointments, call 213-7476.

The Vance clinic does not have an emergency room. All emergencies will be treated at local Enid Hospitals, through the 911 Emergency Medical System. Patients who come to the clinic with an emergency condition that is beyond the capabilities of our clinic will be transported by ambulance to one of the local hosptials.

The clinic is open during normal duty hours (0745-1645, Mon-Fri), except for taining days (Tuesday, 1500-1645) and holidays. Real emergencies (loss of life, limb, or sight) should report immediately to the nearest emergency room for care.

For urgent care (condition is not life threatening, but patient is suffering):

If you are enrolled in TRICARE PRIME, the following procedures should be followed for urgent care needs:
--Use the self-care manual or contact the Health Care Information Line (HCIL) at 1-800-611-2875. In a majority of cases, urgent care needs can be met at home.
--Contact your Primary Care Manager (PCM) at 249-4471. They will either authorize urgent care at Integris Bass Health Center, give advice for home care, or direct you to come into the clinic the next day.
--If you could not get in contact with your PCM, contact the 24 hour Health Care Finder (HCF) at 1-800-406-2832. If urgent care is required, they will issue an authorization number and tell you where to report for care.
For persons not enrolled in TRICARE PRIME:
--Care may be sought at any medical treatment facility. Charges will be cost-shared through TRICARE Standard/CHAMPUS.

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